Lowe's Fix-In-Six

That loop though.


Use coffee filters to keep soil where it belongs — in your flower pots.


Place a stocking on your vacuum extension to retrieve tiny items from a hard to reach place.


Wrangle loose extension cords with an overhand knot so they don’t detach when working outside.


Keep your dog’s food bowl in one place with 3M floor anchors.


Use a popsicle stick to smooth out caulking for a professional finish.


Use a damp dryer sheet to scrub soap scum from your shower door.


Wrap Christmas lights around gift wrapping tubes for convenient storage in an attic far, far away.


Keep squirrels away from your veggie garden with a dash of cayenne.


Mulch trees in a donut formation to prevent drowning their roots.


Smelly garbage disposal? Let it gobble a chopped lemon to sink the stink.


Add lemongrass to your outdoor planters to repel mosquitos naturally. 

Senior CD: Mike Sweeney, Molly Adler

AD: Melissa Leake